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January 03, 2007


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» Being Naked Goes Global from One By One Media
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I looking forward to a great 2007 as things progress here at One By One Media and at Bloggers For Hire. It appears that Shel Israel has gone global with his Naked Conversations blog, and he is sporting... [Read More]

» Scoble's exclusive interview with Sen. John Edwards or why I might need a politics category soon from A View from the Isle
Many of you might know that I'm a closet politics junkie.  Not so far as to read political blogs, but man I do love to ... [Read More]

» From Naked Conversations to Global Neighborhoods from Pro PR
Shel Israel reminded us yesterday that Naked Conversations left the printers one year ago. This caused me to pull my well-used copy off my book shelf and scan it again. Yes, social media has evolved rapidly in the past year. Im sure that if the ... [Read More]