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December 13, 2006


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» Sethi leaves TechCrunch from Guardian Unlimited: Organ Grinder
Mike Arrington, publisher of the technology blog TechCrunch, has "terminated the relationship" with his UK editor after a dispute over coverage of the Le Web 3 conference.http://redcouch.typepad.com/weblog/2006/12/fear_loathing_a.html... [Read More]

» Le Web 3 and Loic Le Meur from Fenn Shui
So, I'm back in London from Le Web 3, the conference organised by Loic Le Meur, Executive VP and Managing Director of Six Apart Europe. Le Web 3 is being heavily discussed in the blogosphere at the moment (see Technorati... [Read More]

» TCUK farrago exposes national divisions shocker from Monoman
It's a shame to see that Techcrunch UK has gone into meltdown. Shel Israel sums it up at Naked Conversations. The most dismal consequence of all this though is the parochialism and xenophobia that has subsequently been exposed: Loic Lemeur... [Read More]