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March 31, 2006


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» Marketing RoI from Licence to Roam
I've been following the back and forth between Amazon's CTO Werner Vogels, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. An interesting challenge - provide hard numbers about the benefits of blogging. It's far easier with websites to understand traffic, how many peop... [Read More]

» ON AMAZON AND ADO ABOUT BLOGGING from *michael parekh on IT*
PLAYING HARDBALL Memeorandum's been abuzz with the brouhaha between the authors of Naked Conversations Robert Scoble of Microsoft and Shel Israel (a case for Corporate Blogging), and Amazon.com's CTO Werner Vogels. Om Malik summarizes the episode as fo... [Read More]

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[Inspired by Shel Israel's recent post.]... [Read More]

» Scoble to Google = Me on the Moon from think mojo
Hugh points to Scobles announcement that hes off to Google. Along with this bold news, the Scobleizer lets a few cats out of the bag: Google will now let you upload unlimited porn to Google Video, but not in China, natch. Google are back... [Read More]

» Amazon Gets IM from All Things Distributed
In order to get closer to their customers, humanize Amazon, increase sales, and stay modern, Amazon.com has decided to make all Instant Messenger (IM) handles of its employees public. This way Amazon.com customers will get unprecedented access to th... [Read More]

» should amazon blog from gapingvoid
[Inspired by Shel Israel's recent post.] [UPDATE:] Werner Vogel blogs this cartoon. Thanks, Werner!... [Read More]

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There are a couple of blogging discussions I see going on that have their own merits and are completely... [Read More]