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March 29, 2006


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Today Shel Israel and Robert Scoble stopped by at Amazon to present their book in our Fishbowl series... [Read More]

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So Scoble, Shel, and the Amazon CTO walk into a bar... No, that's not how the story goes. Scoble and Shel have been road warriors in the 3 months since their book Naked Conversations published. They've spoken at countless conferences, [Read More]

» Brand from Project X Discussions
I once worked with some who said:Brand is the promise of value - online is the experience of valueI just had the opportunity to see first hand. I was reading a post on Naked Conversations today and decided to chime [Read More]

» Blogging comes of age from 2036 AD ......
I love this post from Werner. Blogging is a great tool, but it shouldn't be done for no reason. And when the poster child company of internet questions it, and questions it in a blog, this is the ultimate irony.All... [Read More]

» Corporate Blogging: Where's the Proof? from Werblog
Amazon.com CTO Werner Vogels pushses back on blogging advocates Shel Israel and Robert Scoble. As Werner makes clear, Amazon is one company that shouldn't have to defend its commitment to heeding customer feedback. So if he thinks the case for... [Read More]

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The emperor has no clothes [Read More]

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Shel Israel, co-author of naked conversations had this to say after giving a talk to the Seattle chamber of commerce: What inspired me the most, a little to my surprise, were the folks at the Chamber of Commerce. These were folks, as Robert puts it, ... [Read More]

» Turning golden boys of blogging into whipping boys from SCOUT - Corporate Blogging
There's a new game to play around the office --- pelt the champions of blogging because they don't have ALL the answers. Big companies are looking for the simple answers and the proof that blogging will mean ROI for their... [Read More]

» Naked Answers from All Things Distributed
Today Shel Israel and Robert Scoble stopped by at Amazon to present their book Naked Conversations... [Read More]