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May 04, 2005


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» blogging advice for target from gapingvoid
Robert Scoble is meeting with Target (the big US department store) tomorrow. He wrote some blogging advice for them. Good stuff.What to do now? Well, now I would link to them and react to the points. To the people... [Read More]

» Free Advice for Target from Micro Persuasion
Robert Scoble is meeting with the Target Corporation this morning and is asking the blogosphere for advice for the retail giant. Here are some ideas I think Target should consider. They fit within our agency's Micro Persuasion philosophy of find, [Read More]

» If I Were Doing a Target Blog... from Career Path
Here's the background: Scoble recently had lunch with Target. He then opened up the question on his blog: what do you have to say to Target about blogging? Some of the answers are pretty interesting (yes, mine's in there too). [Read More]

» More Advice for Target from Cymfony's Marketing Insight
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» FastLane and Hass MS&L Blogworks — A conversation with Mike McClatchey from The Community Engine Blog
Hass MS&L Blogworks is a marriage of PR and technology services with GM's FastLane as its most noteworthy client. One suspects that this mix of PR and technology is what will carry the day in the emerging field of Internet buzz marketing. [Read More]