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May 02, 2005


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» Blogging and control from Johnnie Moore's Weblog
Shel Israel has posted Chapter 4 of The Red Couch - Direct Access. As usual, good stuff. I like the thought he opens with: that blogging can give a company more control over how it's message is transmitted than traditional... [Read More]

» Article pour les gestionnaires d'entreprises from Michael Carpentier
Un excellent article pour les gestionnaires d'entreprises qui souhaitent en savoir plus sur les blogs. Il recense différents témoignages d'entrepreneurs et administrateurs qui ont décidé d'utiliser les blogs en tant qu'outil de communication direct... [Read More]

» Red Couch from Satelite
Esse é o nome do blog de Shel Israel and Robert Scoble, que estão escrevendo um livro sobre blogs para negócios. No dia 02, foi postado o quarto capítulo. (Bob) Lutz (General Motors vice chairman) is the only Fortune 10... [Read More]

» Direct Access from Randy Holloway Unfiltered
The latest chapter of Scoble and Shel's book is online, and they've quoted me on the subject of Mark Cuban's misguided view of blogging. Cool.... [Read More]

» Schwartz Couch - Chap 4 from Modern Marketing - Collaborate Marketing Services
The next chapter of the Red Couch is out and carries this memorable quote from Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems:Both blogging and open source, in his eyes, are part of a new “Participation Age.” We asked him [Read More]

» CEO blogging from Synapse Chronicles
The Red Couch is an up-coming book on weblogs in business. It's somewhat unique in that sample chapters are being posted online for comments and feedback. A new chapter was recently posted: Chapter 4 — Direct Access. It's an interesting... [Read More]

» Cuban on podcasting from Randy Holloway Unfiltered
Yes Dave, I think Cuban is smart. But he still has a few things to learn about blogging and podcasting. What Mark forgets is that in order to get streaming right and to get it to scale, there were technical... [Read More]

» How to write a non-fiction best seller: chapter 4 review from craigrow: blogging about developing, testing and getting a logo for your drivers using the Windows Driver Kit and the Driver Test Manager
Chapter 4 This chapter mostly makes the case that blogs are a better way to get your message out than... [Read More]