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April 22, 2005


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Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive... I mean good golly... I didn't know we had ranks in the technology sector. [Read More]

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Shel Israel has a great profile piece on Sun COO Joanathan Schwartz and his approach to corporate blogging. [Read More]

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Jonathan Schwartz, president and COO of Sun Microsystems, is on the Red Couch. A must read, even though I strongly disagree with Schwartz and his cohorts on the direction of our industry.... [Read More]

» Schwartz On The Red Couch from Andrew Lark
Frankly this piece is so much better than BusinessWeek's somewhat pathetic reporting on the Blogosphere. It gets at why Participatory Communications is turning the way businesses communicate on its head. It gets at how blogging builds dialog with and w... [Read More]

» The sceptics - you know who you are from SMLXL
Adriana at the Big Blog Company found this great quote for all you blog sceptics out there. C'mon YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - I even met one or two last night at the ICA where I was speaking on... [Read More]

» The end of marketing as we know it? from SMLXL
From the Red Couch , Jonathan Schwartz COO of Sun Microsystem interviewed about the recent success of Sun and blogging. From Schwartz’ perspective, blogging is not an appendage to Sun’s marketing communications strategy, it is central to it. He believe... [Read More]

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USA Today notes the dearth of CEOs who have taken up blogging. It’s apparently too frightening. And so many CEOs are afraid to offend. It’... [Read More]